Send in the Clowns!  The Tigris Shrine Clown Unit is alive and well since the early days of the Tigris Shrine Center.  Tigris Shrine Clowns believe in having fun and helping those children who cannot help themselves.

The Tigris Shrine Clown unit meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 115 Haverhill Drive, Dewitt, NY 13214 (home of Tigris Shrine Clown Unit secretary Ill. Craig Cobb, PP 2003).  All Nobles are welcome to join and support this fun-filled event.

Supporting the Annual Tigris Shrine Circus is a command performance for all Tigris Shrine Unit Clowns!  Meeting and greeting boys and girls young and old is always a very special time at the circus.  During the year the Tigris Shrine Clown Unit supports the Ill. Potentate attending a variety of parades and special events.  What would the St. Patrick's Day Parade be without the Tigris Shrine Clown Unit bringing smiles to all!

All Tigris Shrine Clowns believe in making your day a little brighter and lighter! Keep smiling!

Contact Info

1121 Milton Ave., Suite 1
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone:(315) 478-0277


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