The Director's Staff was the first unit formed when Tigris Shrine first opened.  The unit serves at the pleasure of the Potentate and conducts the Second Section of the Ceremonial.  Over the years the Director's Staff has helped welcome all new Nobles at Tigris Shrine.  The Director is an appointed member of the Shrine's leadership and helps with the planning of all functions of the Shrine.  The Director's Staff helps with the annual circus by selling programs before each show.  The Director's Staff is not a marching unit but we love to ride the floats during the parades.  Our meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month.  These are dinner meetings starting at 6:00 pm.  Currently all our meetings are held at Nestico's on Route 11 in North Syracuse.  The best contact is our Director, Dennis A. Hughes, Sr. and he can be reached at 315-458-6320 or 315-447-2778 (cell). 

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1121 Milton Ave., Suite 1
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone:(315) 478-0277


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